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July 17, 2012

Twin Cities Musicians

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Dean Granros

Catalog No. 100519017

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April 2, 2011


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Michelle Kinney, Cellist.

Michelle Kinney, Cellist, 2008

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September 9, 2009

Keeping Up

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Brian Powers

Brian Powers

With the constant progress in communication vehicles, it is easier than ever to maintain contact with a growing community.  It is also daunting to make choices between vehicles, even a tad mind boggling.  It is so easy, for instance, to post photos to facebook, that I tend not to post them here, to my own site very often. Here, though, is where I can be more certain of preserving the log and where people who don’t “do” facebook can still keep an eye on what I’m doing without all the extraneous advertising, comments, and general public noise on facebook.

I’ve been doing all black and white for awhile, again, and it feels like “home.”  I’ve been getting out more in the evening and making photographs of local musicians.  I love doing this, and I get good comments from the musicians themselves.

Stan Kipper

Stan Kipper

There are more of these photos on facebook, and soon I hope to add a series of musician photos to either the project or portfolio section of my website.

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