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July 18, 2011

Just Another

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Minneapolis Mississippi Bridge. Looks like it should be on the back of a car. Finally, on my new schedule. Left to shoot at 7:00 AM. Too hot already at 8:00.

Catalog No. 110718059

July 13, 2011


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Also in the Human Nature Meets Nature series.

Catalog No. 110520071

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June 20, 2011

Tornado in Minneapolis

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Catalog No. 110524037

June 1, 2011

Near Busch Stadium

17×22″ carbon pigment print

Catalog No. 110529127

May 25, 2011

Como Conservatory

17″x22″ carbon pigment print

Cataolog No. 110519001

April 11, 2011

More Nature/Structure Integration

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I made this photo at Golden Gate Park.

Catalog No. 110225537

April 7, 2011


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This is an abandoned Nickerson Farms near Tucson. I love how the whole wall of brick siding has just fallen off in nice straight rows.

Catalog No. 11021602

April 3, 2011


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Several weeks ago, I posted some pieces combining nature and man-made structure. At the moment I’m calling the work “Integration.” Here’s a new piece from the same series.

White Fence

This is one of my favorite photographs, so far.


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