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September 23, 2007


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Is this photograph emotional?


September 12, 2007

How I Think

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This has been one of the biggest mysteries to anyone who knows me. “What the hell are you talking about?” “You missed the point!” I think that I think associatively or tangentially. This becomes more clear when I start to organize photos, and since I have maintained for years that I photograph to make meaning, the idea of orgaznizing photos in a sense bringing manner makes sense.

070908074.jpg    070908097.jpg
070704008.jpg 0612020891.jpg

0703210781.jpg 0706120251.jpg


This is nowhere near the order in which I made these photos, just the way that they seem to flow conceptually, at least to me.

September 9, 2007

Black & White or Color

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Until Recently, I swore I’d always shoot in black and white. Then I started shooting with a digital camera, and an older artist friend of mine started looking at the color captures and commenting on how nice the color worked in various photographs.

I’d already been thinking how nice it was to have the choice of color or b&w without having to decide when I took the shot. I tried some pure color and came to grips with color being ok when it has a reason for being.
070412035.JPG 070412036.JPG

I began to see that sometimes it’s the color that prompts me to take the picture; other times it’s the geometry or the action. Often, when different colors have similar values, black and white just won’t work, because there isn’t enough contrast.

I wondered (and still do) what color’s place is in the different genres of photography; fine art, photojournalism, street shooting. I’ve come to some working solutions for myself, but they’re only tentative, and they don’t really matter. The one problem I run into, though, is whether a given photo should be color or b&w.070908090.JPG 070908090bw.JPG

What I have figured out is that some images look better in color and some in black and white and that there is no reason not to include both color and black and white images in a book or exhibition.

I do think that color is a powerful ingredient or tool and should be used intentionally, a little here, a little there.


September 7, 2007

The Problem with Photography as Art

As I look around at what has been happening in the art photography world, I see some confusion. (or maybe I feel it – there’s a big difference with confusion) In the early days of small format photography, there was no such thing as a “series.” There were photographs. The two great Magnum photographers to whom I best relate, Bresson and Erwitt, made photographs and except for a personal style, there was nothing the same about separate photographs. The men found photographs they wanted to take and took them. Then they moved on.

Now, everything has to be a “series.” Everything has to be new and groundbreaking. Guys, there’s only so much ground to break and still make photography. I’m not talking about art using light as a medium to paint with; I’m talking about capturing the moment, the one thing that photography can do that nothing else can.

So what about new and innovative? Here’s what Bresson, the publically acclaimed master, said, “Photography is a way of shouting, of freeing oneself, not of proving or asserting one’s own originality. It’s a way of life.”

I’m not saying I don’t or won’t shoot series, because I do, but often I’m shooting whatever captures my attention. Does this mean that photograph is not worth hanging, because there aren’t 24 more just like it? If the gallery wants unique, it would seem that one such photo would do a better job of meeting their requirements than 25.



Oh, and by the way, here are some from the same evening.



Perhaps we could serialize and call them, “Falling Behind.”



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