Of Projects and Series

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This is another shot of the same Roberts Street Bridge that I posted photos of several days ago in this blog. As subject matter, it could be included in a series on the bridge, except that it is lighter and in color.  Maybe that doesn’t matter.  Because it is in color and shows a man-made structure and the sky, it is definitely a part of the Skylight of Man project.

As discussed previously (cover to the project on website and earlier blog post) the Skylight… project has social documentary ramifications.  A series on the bridge, however, consists merely (purely) of aesthetic or fine art pieces. Note: I’m defining fine art as art that is made for the sake of art, in other words, art finé.

So, the question is, how far can a project stretch? Can it include the edges of other projects?  Does it contain smaller series?  Can one image exist as part of several projects, several series?

In the end (not of the day, a phrase I’m coming to despise) for me it’s all about taking the picture.  Sometimes I’m trying to make a point; sometimes I just want to know how a photograph of something will look.

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