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I’ve finished a bunch of administrative work – mailing Paris book maquettes to potential publishers, updating mailing list, sending out catalogs and postcards to galleries, publishers, magazines – and I’m starting to think about photographing again. I’m trying out a new digital rangefinder, which, so far has been wonderful. I’m using just two lenses, a 28 and a 35. I’m working on shooting a lot more than I was doing with DSLR’s – making it more fluid and natural.

I posted a new project on my site, one about cafes. I also posted some new work in “new and …”

I’m looking forward to a trip to Seattle to visit my mother. I don’t know how many more visits there will be, so I’m going to do a lot of shooting. Perhaps I can use what I make to send into DAH’s blog.

Yesterday, we went to visit some friends, including their five kids. We’ve known the parents since before the kids were born, so it’s really fun to visit and see how they’re progressing. These kids are smart, not just above average, but really, potentially scary smart. I spent the day photographing the cookout being prepared and the kids and the meal and sitting around afterward. It was different than my usual way of photographing; I used a 28mm lens the whole time. I liked it and got some fun images.


I’ve also got a bunch of photos from my Pine Ridge project on the kitchen wall, trying to figure out what order is best to tell a coherent story.  Aside from that, I’ve been trying out some more bags. I really like satchel styles which are pretty much like messenger bags.


Here’s another one that seems to work quite well for several purposes-

Guess this one's a keeper, too.

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