Deep Thoughts 1

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On one hand, I just make photos, with no regard for external issues of definition, specialization, or potential use. On the other, I walk a thin line between documentary and art.  I shoot what I see, making tiny abstractions of some huge picture of humanity.

I don’t try to tell the truth with my photos, anymore than I try not to.  The camera records what’s in front of it, and except for serving my sense of esthetics with a bit of dodging and burning in the lab, what you get is what I saw.  My supposition is that when all my best photos are gathered together, they will provide a view of the human condition.

I’m struck by the notion that if I arrange my photos for exhibition, based on a particular community, the work is seen as documentary, but if I gather pictures of certain things, say automobiles, and line them up on the wall, that would be art.


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