I Hate Gear

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…but, if you’re going to make photographs, you have to use something. My biggest ongoing quandry is not about cameras, nor even lenses; it’s straps and bags. These days, since I’m indulging in the one camera, one lens approach (ok, 2 lenses), the idea is simplicity – freedom-. I don’t want a special bag just to carry a camera, and I don’t want to notice the bag I’m carrying. I want that bag just to be a pocket that could be used for anything – laptop – journal – snack – whatever. The answer? Messenger bags that are secure, comfortable, weatherproof.

I’m using a Domke 802 Reporter’s Satchel, Patagonia Half Mass, and a Timbuk2 Laptop Messenger (medium). These are big enough for one camera (not oversized) with attached lens, a laptop, and other small objects. I can carry my other lens if I really think I need it.

With the Domke, my camera fits in one of the outside pouch pockets. With the Patagonia, I use an Eagle Creek 1/4 cube and just toss it into the big compartment.

I still can’t find the right strap. For hanging around my neck, almost anything will work, but for a wrist strap – man, that’s something else again. I want something that attaches to both lugs and has enough length to loop around my wrist with a little tension. I’ve ended up using a thin (3/8″?) nylon strap with keyring type loops going in the camera lugs. The strap is just long enough so I can stick my hand through it, loop it once and stick my hand through again. It’s totally secure.

The only problem is, if I want it around my neck, the strap isn’t long enough.

That’s all the gear talk I can handle.

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