Artist Statement: A Series

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What follows is my most recent artist statement. I’m going to use it as the basis for future posts on this web log.

“I photograph the human landscape, the environment that current and past generations of people have created. This environment is planned, unplanned, intentional, accidental, even chaotic. I photograph to make visual order of the chaos. I try, daily, to create photos that connect the viewer to both the conscious social collective and the collective unconscious. Finally, I hope my photographs will help viewers see what they would not have seen without looking at my work.

I’m attracted to visual relationships, manifested by juxtaposition, attitude, and shape. Juxtaposition appeals to my sense of the absurd and goes directly to my fondness for surrealism. Attitude consists of size, position, or gesture. Shapes not only have visual impact, they carry the weight of archetypal symbolism, and, combined with juxtaposition, they are the basis for texture and pattern.”


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