Kandinsky, McLuhan, and Fractals

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Wassily Kandinsky, one of the first recognized abstract expressionist painters, played with the relationships between shapes-shapes and shapes, shapes and color, and shapes and size. He was constantly exploring how visual elements fit together.

Marshall McLuhan was the author of the phrase, “The medium is the message,” which I’ve always interpreted as the elements of information are connected to the meaning of the information, itself. McLuhan was always exploring the elements of communication and their effect on the audience.

Fractals is a relatively newly defined branch of mathematics. In its strictest sense, it deals with a particular pattern that is repeated in nature. In a slightly broader sense, the theory of Fractals is an exploration into and discovery of patterns that repeat themselves in the tiniest microscopic pieces to the largest universal entities.

Kandinsky, McLuhan, and BenoĆ®t Mandelbrot, the mathematician who first coined the term, “fractals,” explored separate elements of their world. They explored without preconception, and as they encountered various elements, they looked to see what, if any, connections existed between those elements. Kandinsky explored through painting, McLuhan through his use of mass media, and Mandelbrot through mathematical equations. All three used observation and experimentation.

In writing this little piece, I have found a pattern of exploration of patterns through observation and experimentation. There is a connection between the 3 people mentioned, and further observation and exploration by others might someday unearth the universal secret that will make that connection obvious. These explorers and their work resonate with me, because their mindset resembles mine. I photograph to learn how the world means. (newest work) Until then, “42.”

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