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Well, maybe a little “wow.” Since I last wrote, I have sold my house and found homes for dog and horses, and I have moved to a loft in downtown (Lowertown) St. Paul.  This is major.  People in the building are artists; they think like artists; in other words, they’re tolerant of each others’ divergent and occasionally spacey thinking, and they are encouraging to each other.

My move has allowed me to be out shooting almost daily without having to get in my car to drive 30 miles.  In fact, I’ve only used one tank of gas in the last month.

Since there is so much to discuss, since I haven’t posted for six months, half a year, and since I have to put together a book proposal within two weeks, I’ll just call this post a restart.  I promise to write later with all of the ideas rambling ’round my brain, including some new work.




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