Doing it Right

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I just re-watched Eddie and the Cruisers II, in which the main character says, “if we can’t be great, we should quit.”  Part of me agrees, and if I felt that I’d already exhausted all possibilities for and definitions of greatness, I would have to re-evaluate my endeavors, but I haven’t.  I have a couple of photos that I think might be great, at least in my eyes and as objectively as I can manage.

As I look at the images, I notice that the best are black and white.  I started shooting color about three years ago (more on that another time) trying to break free of my often compulsive traditionalism, and I’m still going to work with it and, of course shoot color for clients, but when I want to make “truthy” (to quote Steven Colbert) photos, I make them black and white. No matter what I think about marketability, I have to do what feels right, what will give my work the best chance to be great.

This one is certainly not one of the greats, but it kind of reminds of Tom Waitts.


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