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Filed under: Work in Progress; Author: mas; Posted: October 29, 2008 at 3:28 pm;

When I first started thinking about moving to Minneapolis/Saint Paul, I imagined shooting a long term project that involved family life among the immigrant cultures in the area.  Finally, after close to six months, I am starting the project.  Back in June, on the 10th to be exact, I stopped to photograph a little grocery store, called Little Grocery, and went into talk to and photograph the owner.

Muhammed is from Djbouti, a small country in eastern Africa.  When I finally stopped back in, to deliver a couple of prints, his brother Shaehem was watching the store.  He says there are only about 100 people from his country here in the twin cities but that most of the African immigrant population here are from Ethiopia, Somalia, West Africa, and Ghana.  There are about 20,000 from Somalia.

Shaehem told me where to find a concentration of Somalians who would be willing to be tell me their stories and to be photographed.  Soon I will be trekking over to Minneapolis to start digging around and making contacts to start this project on immigrant families in the Twin Cities..  I will also start looking for publications and organizations who would be interested in publishing and subsidizing such a project.



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