Michael A Shapiro Photography

Looking Glass

One hot afternoon in the gentrified warehouse district of my hometown, the midday sun was so bright, that it was impossible to see in through the north facing windows.  When I tried, I could see only neon beer signs and reflections of parked pickup trucks and the buildings beyond.  On the north side, I could see window dressings combined with reflections of the buildings behind me.

It took me only a matter of seconds to realize how compelling this combination of form, color, and reflection was.  Then, thinking about the significance of these windows, what they frame, isolate, or juxtapose; what they reflect; and what they tell us about ourselves as a culture; I kept wondering about the fact that, almost exclusively, decorated windows are commercial, and what that says about our priorities.

As the project developed and my eye for the juxtaposition of the inside and reflected outside images became more acute, I began thinking about the similarities or connection between windows being eyes to the world and eyes being windows to the soul.  In both cases, inside and outside images differ, and when the inside and outside images combine, they form a third reality.

Enjoy the photos, and contact me with any questions.